Wk 1: Art Experience – Plaster Casting

Pictured below are me and my sister’s plaster casting. Her’s is obviously the little hand and mine is the much bigger one.

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My plaster casting experience started off rough, but it slowly took a turn. For starters, I was unable to attend the beach this weekend. Therefore, I had to do the activity at home.

I decided to use some sand in a bucket my dad had from a trip to the river he went to about a month ago. Well long story short, I was there for more than an hour trying to make a decent mold, but had no luck. The sand was simply to rough and had a lot of little rocks, I had no success at building the mold.

I ended up going to Home Depot to go buy some sand. Shoutout to the people who created and work at Quikrete because that sand was just amazing. It’s texture was extremely soft and easy to use when wet. In less than 20 minutes my sister and I both had our mold and ready to go.

Once the plaster was ready, I filled up the molds all the way to the top. Once I waited 30 minutes I went to go retrieve my castings. I was very pleased with my results of my plaster. Although there were chips to my plaster castings, it’s okay because every beautiful thing is damaged.

I really enjoyed this activity. Although I experienced some difficulties, it was okay because I think my plaster castings were pretty good. I would definitely like to do plaster casting again. In addition, my sister’s face was priceless when she saw her little hand.


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  1. Glenn Zucman says:

    EEEEK!!! Please change your BACKBROUND Melissa! I can’t read your text!!! 😦

    TY!! 😀


    1. Just did. So sorry!


      1. Glenn Zucman says:

        haha, thanks Melissa! No worries! 😀


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