Gesture Sketching


I was unable to attend the Girls Volleyball this Saturday because I was out of town, but was able to find a live stream through their web site. However, before I watched the game I looked up gesture sketching because I had never heard of it. The website linked below helped me understand what gesture sketching was and what techniques I can use in order to have good looking sketches.

I watched the game for about thirty minutes, looking for positions I could sketch. However, when I’d attempt to gesture sketch a player, they were already performing another play. Therefore, I’d just draw a small stick figure and slowly draw it out into a gesture sketch. There was a never ending of positions the girls performed during their game, so I only drew a couple of them.

I can’t draw to save my life, but I very much enjoyed gesture sketching because it’s essentially jut a sketch. It doesn’t have to look perfect or look a certain way.

Gesture sketching was done on iPad Pro with iPencil.–cms-23890


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