Wk 2: Art Experience – Landscapes with a Corpse

📸 : Jonathan Rios

This week’s art experience was influenced by a Japanese photographer named Izima Kaoru. I had the opportunity to recreate a landscape with a corpse. I was having a lot of difficulty at first because I wasn’t sure how I wanted my surroundings to look like or if I wanted any props. I had initially wanted to be on the grass surrounded by flowers. However, it didn’t seem like a good idea after a while because if I wanted to do that then I’d have to do buy flowers, which can be pretty pricey.

Little by little, my idea began to grow. I knew I wanted to take the pictures on a bed, but I wanted to add something. Then I thought why not add some Christmas lights, they’ll add a glow to the picture. Then I finally decided to make the pictures black and white, because I think everything looks better and a lot more dramatic in black and white.

A lot of things ran through my head when my brother was taking the pictures. My main throughts were mainly focused on what it would be like to pass away in your sleep. It has its pros and its cons. For starters, a person would have a peaceful death. One wouldn’t have to suffer through their death, which a lot of people now-a-days experience. A con to this experience would be that you wouldn’t get to say goodbye to your loved ones.

Overall, I really enjoyed this art project because I got to create something I wanted. I was able to experience and think about stuff I never really put thought into. Plus it was fun creating something I can be proud of.


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