Wk 2: Classroom Conversations – Marysol Jimenez

I was unable to attend class this Wednesday do to an orientation I had to attend. However, I was lucky to have meet two people on my first day of class. You guys meet Marlene last week, now meet Marysol Jimenez.

Marysol Jimenez is a twenty one year-old makeup enthusiast, who enjoys eating the majority of Mexican food. Her birthday is on May 6th and she commutes from Compton, CA.

This year marks the fourth year Marysol has been attending Cal State Long Beach. She plans on majoring in Sociology. She is the first in her family to attend college. Therefore, she does not only feel proud and privileged, but also pressured to do well and accomplish her goals.

She’s taking Art 110 for her general eds. She believes that anything can be a work of art is essential to the world because it allows people to express themselves.

Go visit Marysol’s page: https://marysolj.wordpress.com/about/


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