Wk 3: Classroom Conversations – Joy Uba

Joy pictured on the right. 

Joy Uba is a senior who is majoring in accounting. This upcoming semester will be her last at Cal State Long Beach because she will be graduating. Joy is looking forward to finishing school. She stated that her college experience has been fun. Her first two years were easy going and relaxing, but once she became a junior, school became harder. Once graduation is over, Joy is planning on finding a job at Certified Public Accountant firm. However, she is finding it stressful researching companies she wants to work for.

Joy doesn’t plan on only getting her bachelors degree, but it planning on returning to school to get her masters on taxation. Nevertheless, her main focus at the moment is to obtain her degree in accounting and then spend a couple of years gaining experience in a CPA firm.

Joy enjoys playing the piano and uke. She is currently learning how to make latte art. Her favorite food is enchiladas. Joy is extremely interested in photography, especially street photography. Her interest in art, specifically photography and because it sounded fun is why she decided to take Art 110.




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