Wk 4: Artist Conversation – Carly Lake

Artist: Carly Lake
Exhibition: Closer
Media: Mixed Media, Digital Media, Clay, Acrylic, Linoleum, Ink, Watercolor
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: carlylake.com
Instagram: @sea.lake

About the Artist:

Inward, 2016

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Carly Lake, an undergraduate student who likes to play soccer, go camping and juggle when she isn’t creating art. She is currently a senior who will be graduating later this semester. Carly’s major is a BFA in Illustration being that she is in the School of Art’s Illustration Program and she is also minoring in American Indian Studies. The exhibition, Closer, was actually created by Carly’s friend May Ta, who she has known for a year and a half. May came to Carly with a theme in mind for an exhibition, and basically asked Carly if she was interested in doing a collaboration with her. It was the first time Carly ever created art with a theme in mind. Carly has been part of a total of 4 exhibitions, Closer being her fifth one.

Formal Analysis: 

The exhibition consisted of more than 15 pieces that were completely different and unique in their own way. The art supplies that was used varied from clay and acrylic to ink and watercolor. There were paintings, sketches, sculptures, mixed media and digital media. There was also four, three-dimensional pieces. However, three of those four were created by Carly. There was a mattress with a handmade quilt made of letters called Untitled and little clay and acrylic figurines representing humans, called Beings and lastly, Carly’s favorite, Clonal Mojave Yucca. Clonal Mojave Yucca was made of wood, clay and yarn and was actually inspired by a Ted talk by Rachel Sussman called The world’s oldest living things.

Concept Analysis: image

The exhibition, Closer, discussed the “universal desire for intimacy”. When entering the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery, the very first thing hanged to your right was a description of what the exhibition was about and what to expect from the art work being displayed. May and Carly stated that their collaboration was to investigate “the existence of a balance between intimacy with others and intimacy with ourselves” and that was exactly what they did. The galley was no longer a gallery, but someone’s room. A room says a thousand words about someone, and this room was filled with emotion displayed through their art.

My Experience:

Shelter, 2016

Overall, I enjoyed this exhibition a lot, and I mean a lot. Every single art piece May and Carly created, I was able to see how much time and detail they put into their art. Their art also had me thinking the message the artist was trying to project. My absolute favorite was a piece by Carly was Shelter. I hadn’t been aware of the name of piece, until later in the afternoon. However, I was able to understand that the individual was in desperate need of a shelter. The problem was that the individual didn’t have a house for shelter. Instead, the individual had something that was barely able to cover his body, a shelter that was built by their hands. Carly and May’s exhibition has been my favorite exhibition so far.



Other Artist Mentioned:

Artist: May Ta
Exhibition: Closer
Media: Digital Media, Acrylic, Gouache
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Instagram: @maypta

Some of May’s work displayed at the Closer exhibition.






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