Wk 5: Artist Conversations – Katherine McRaven

Artist: Katherine McRaven
Exhibition: Insolitum
Media: Metal, Drawings, Jewelry, 3D printer
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Personal- @ravenoftheisle
Shop- @spirit_rose_a_metre



About the Artist:

imageThis week I had the honor of getting to know Katherine McRaven, a junior who is currently a student in the School of Art’s Sculpture Program. However, Katherine is planning to switch into the Metals Program, where she plans to her her B.F.A. in metals. The reason behind the switching is do to the fact that Katherine believes that sculptures have become very conceptual. Katherine has been a part of two exhibitions, so far. Her first exhibition was a sculpture group show and her second exhibition was her first solo show, Insolitum. Katherine may not have a minor, but she does enjoy studying micrbiology and likes marine biology. In addition, she also a tea fanatic and enjoys writing and photography.

Formal Analysis:

The Insolitum exhibition consisted of about 20 pieces, that were either metal, 3-D printings, jewelry or drawings. She used a variety of different metals such as nickel, copper and brass. For those metal pieces she used a jeweler’s saw in order to make the finest cut. A good example of this, is the second picture above. The piece shows a variety of cut outs and folded pieces. Katherine’s favorite piece was a jewelry piece that she hasn’t named, but said that the two teal pieces reminded her of bacteria. Katherine stated that this was her favorite piece because it was her first pendent and first successful anomaly.

Content Analysis:

The name of the exhibition was Insolitum, which is a foreign Latin word that means unaccustomed and unusual. Katherine stated that she named the exhibition Insolitum because she wanted a foreign word that would represent her exhibition. And I think that she couldn’t have picked a better word. Her work was very unusual, in the best way ever. She displayed 3-D printings, which is something you don’t see very often in exhibitions. There were metals that were either cut, bended or etched in an acid bath. Katherine’s work was art that many people are unaccustomed to seeing in exhibitions, which will make her work unforgettable.

My Experience:

imageI had a lot of fun going looking at Katherine’s art. Her art was extremely different and unique which will make her exhibition hard to forget. In addition, there was so much detail put into every single piece that only resulted in the piece out shining even more. My favorite piece had to be the metal triangles that were displayed on the wall. The piece might look simple to some individuals, but I think it was just so beautiful. The way the metals would reflect a different color and how the little triangles made a bigger picture of a triangle. Overall, Katherine’s exhibition was very entertaining and Katherine herself was extremely nice. She took the time to inform me, along with my classmates, the process of the majority of her pieces.





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