Wk 6: Artist Conversations – Blaine Prow

Artist: Blaine Scot Prow
Exhibition: Extrusions
Media: 3-D Objects
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery
Instagram: tiffuts

From left to right: This That, Up Down, and C.O.


About the Artist:

Blaine Prow is a senior in the School of Art’s Graphic Designer Program. However, he will be majoring in studio art.  Besides creating complex art pieces, Blaine enjoys photography and composing his own music. He currently plays the bass guitar, guitar and piano. Extrusions was his very first exhibition.

Formal Analysis:

The Extrusion exhibition consisted of six, black and white, hand-made pieces. A lot of math, such as the Pythagorean theorem, was involved in order to perfect each piece.  However, just because he tired to perfect each piece doesn’t mean he did. Blaine stated that his most challenging piece was C.O., because the angles had to be spot on. Every single cut and fold affected the overall look of the piece. The time in order to complete one piece all varied. The smallest amount was half and hour and his longest piece took him three hours, which was his favorite piece.

Factory, front view

The Factory was Blaine’s favorite piece, he enjoyed all the mathematician that was involved and all the cubes the cuts created. Blaine also stated that he liked how the lighting affected his piece, the shadows made the piece stand out more. Blaine’s materials consisted of an x-acto knife, Bristol board which was the white paper and charcoal paper which was the black paper. Blain stated that he didn’t add color to his pieces because it would have had a different components to his pieces. In addition, if you haven’t noticed, Blaine named his pieces based on how they looked.


Content Analysis:

The Extrusions exhibition all came from Blaine’s obsession with Geometry. He has always been fascinated with the construction, interaction, and relationship between shapes. This fascinating interest with shapes is what lead Baline to the process of cutting and folding paper shapes. This idea of his is what lead to the exhibition of Extrusions, two-dimensional shapes that became three dimensional objects.

My Experience:

Factory, side view 

This week’s exhibition, Extrusions, was extremely interesting because the work that was displayed made up think about how it was created. Before talking to the artist, in this case Blain. I like to take my time to look at the pieces that are out in display. I like to experience the art and admire it, then I go read the exhibition’s statement. Once I’ve seen the art and read the statement, I like to go talk to the artist. I do this in order to experience the art through my eyes before seeing it through the person who created it. Therefore, while I was seeing Blaine’s work out in display, I was able to realize that he purposely made his art pop up. He had to cut his work out and fold specific pieces in order to make his art three dimensional. My favorite piece was the Factory, because it’s repetitive three dimensional objects made the piece outstand.


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