Wk 8: Art Experience – Sketching


This week consisted of sketching at the Japenese Garden. I very much enjoyed this weeks activity because when I was sketching it truly made me forget about everything else I needed to do. We were only required to go to the garden on Wednesday, but since I was already on campus on Friday, I decided to stop by again. I only planned on staying for an hour. However, it was more like three. One of the things that helped me out was the scenery and the peacefulness of it all. There are an endless amount of things to draw at the garden, it’s just up to the individual.

One of rules that was given was to not erase. When it come to drawing, I a perfectionist freak and knew that I was going to be tempted to erase. Therefore, I decided that I wasn’t going to use a pencil, but a pen instead.

I’ve been to the garden a total of three times now, but I plan to go back once and a while. And while I’m there I plan to sketch to get away from all the other things going on in my world and in the real world.

30 Second Sketches:










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