Wk 10: Art Experience – Fiber Art Social Network



This weeks art project was extremely interesting in the sense that I got to create art by creating a Social Network of my family and colleagues.

1. Do you think of the term “Social Network” as applying to your RL life and your RL, physical friends? Or mostly to Online & Mobile tools that connect you to people in cyberspace?
–  The term Social Network, is mainly a tool that connects me to people in cyberspace. I say this because the majority of the people who I’m friends with or follow on social media, aren’t physically my friends. It’s more like I’m just interested in how their life is going.
2. Does Dunbar’s Number make sense to you? That we can only have around 150 truly meaningful relationships, and any others we know will be in more fragmentary ways?
– Dunbar’s Number makes complete sense, as a person it doesn’t make sense to have 150 meaningful relationships. I mean you can have 150 friends, and about 10 close relationships. But why open up to 150 people? Why tell 150 people your secrets and feelings when they might not be there for you, the way you might be there for them?
3. What does it mean to have 1,000 or 2,000 or 5,000 Facebook “friends”? Who are these people? What sorts of relationships do you have to them?
– Honestly, having 1,000 or 5,000 friends on Facebook doesn’t really mean much. The way I see it those thousands of people are either interested in your life and want to see what your up to or they simply want to have more “friends” on their social media page.
4. When we visualized our Art110 Social Network, or when you visualized your personal Social Network, did anything surprise you? Did you find any connections or relationships that you hadn’t thought about or realized any different connections?
– When I visualized my Art 110 Social Network, I realized that there wasn’t much black string. The vast majority of us, didn’t know each other before Art 110. Yet, many of us have meet so many so people within class.
5. What’s your Personal Number? How many people would you like to have close relationships with in your life? 1? 10? 100? 1,000?
-My personal number would be less then 5. I’ve always had at least 3 people I can rely on, so I currently don’t feel comfortable having up to ten close relationships. I think that if I were to have more than 10 close relationships I’d be overwhelmed. There only so much you can share with an individual before you aren’t comfortable anymore.
6. Do you have more “friends” on Facebook or some other platform than are truly your “friends”? What is your relationship to those “extra friends”? Have these weak ties ever brought you new resources like a job opening, someone to date, a cool event, info for something you were working on, etc?
– No, I do not have more “friends” on a certain platform compared to another. In addition, I haven’t came across experiencing opportunities such as a job or cool event from “extra friends”.


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