Wk 11: Classmate Conversation – Araceli Lozano

Throughout the past couple of weeks, I have gotten to continue to know Araceli Lozano. I first meet her when we had to do the group classmate conversations. Araceli is currently attending her fifth year at Cal State Long Beach and will be obtaining a major in Human Resources and a minor in Native American studies. Araceli decided to minor in Native American studies because not only does she love history but was intrigued in a history that was never taught to her. Furthermore, Human Resources wasn’t what she first had in mind. Araceli initially wanted to major in Social Work, but then came to the realization that social work is emotionally draining and because of the way the system is set up, she wouldn’t be able to help out the children all the time.

Araceli stated that she thought college was going to be way more difficult than it is and although it’s challenging at times is more than doable. Araceli’s hobbies consist of eating, sleeping, hanging out with friends, and spending time with her two nieces.

Question of the week:

“I disagree, I feel that though she could have acknowledged the art piece and mentioned how aesthetically pleasing it was she dug deeper. It is known that Demi stuggled with body image and has stuggled with eating disorders so I feel like she took it a bit personal. Though I feel like the artists intentions were not to body shame her, she should have reacted better. I don’t completely agree with how she reacted at all.”

Go check out Araceli’s website here!


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