Wk 14: Art Experience – Instagram

The week’s activity consisted of posting four or more pictures on Instagram. I’m not going to lie, but I felt extremely uncomfortable because I’m not the type of person to post four pictures in one day. In fact, I’ll post a picture once in a while. I was tempted to create a separate account in order to post pictures of this assignment. However, I decided against it because I should I came to a realization that I shouldn’t feel uncomfortable when it comes to posting more than 1 pictures in one day. I should be able to post as many pictures as I’d like throughout the day without having that feeling. Therefore, I went through with it.

My pictures consisted of:

When it came to looking at the Group Portrait, there was a lot of cool and interesting pictures from my colleagues. There was a lot of diversity within the pictures, from selfies, to pictures of food and the landscape, to pictures filled with happiness and sadness. In some way, all the pictures from Art 110 did seem like a community. We were all connected through photography and art. We all had an insight to one another’s media life and I think that’s quite personal.


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