Wk 15: Artist Converstation – Ariel Maldonado

Artist: Ariel Maldonado
Exhibition: Cermanics
Media: Ceramic
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: N/A
Instagram: ariel__maldonado

About the Artist:


Ariel Maldonado is a senior who is attending her fourth year at Cal State Long Beach. She is in the College of Art’s Ceramic program; therefore, she’ll be majoring with a B.F.A. in ceramics. Ariel became interested in ceramics when she took a class in High School. She stated that the moment her hands touched the clay, she was automatically in love with it. Ariel stated that she doesn’t have time for any hobbies because she usually spends her entire day at school, 18 hours to be exact. However, she doesn’t only focus on ceramics. When it comes to creating art, Ariel stated that she prefers to create 3D art over 2D art. She enjoys making sculptures, welding and using wood in her art. This is the second exhibition, Ariel has had the opportunity to be apart of. Her first exhibition was a group exhibition.

Format Analysis:


The Gatov Gallery East was filled with easily more than three hundred pieces of ceramic work within the gallery. From necklaces with a ceramic pendent and earrings to big vases and figurines of The Little Red Riding Hood. However, Ariel’s work consisted of about more than fifty pieces such as cups, bowls, plates and many pots with succulents. The majority of her work didn’t really use any bold and bright colors. Instead, she used brown, blue, and green colors.

Content Analysis:

Ariel loves clay and she loves creating new art. She stated that her favorite part of the process is opening up the kilm because she never knew how her art was going to end up.

“It’s like christmas every time.” – Ariel Maldonado

Ariel stated that many of her succulents were selling out faster compared to her other pieces. However, she basically created the pieces specifically for them to sell art, because her professor told her to create pieces she’s currently interested in. She stated that she is currently extremely interested in plates.

My Experience:


Overall, I thought that this exhibition was was extremely interesting because it was filled with various work from different artist. The Holiday Art Sale brought people that express clay differently together. Every artist has their own way and style of creating their work and this exhibition allowed me to see that. My all time favorite piece was this rectangular sheet of clay that had many imprinted shells on it. The piece was covered in various colors such as beige and different shades of blue and pink. I loved the piece so much, that I had taken a picture. I later found out that the piece was made by Ariel because of the yellow sticker on the left of the piece.


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