Thank You Glenn!

Dear Gleen Zucman,

Art 110 has become my favorite class that I have taken at Cal State Long Beach, so far. I love this class because I was exposed to new forms of art every single week, I got to meet new people and I had the opportunity to create art myself. When ever I use to think of art, I’ve always thought that art needed to be drawn or painted, but I was proven wrong this semester. I learned that art can be expressed through video, sculptures, ceramics, photographs and jewelry. We are literally surround by all types and forms of art.

Furthermore, I think the format of the class is brilliant. I always looked forward to meeting at the Art Galleries because I knew we’d be doing artist converstations. I liked doing artist conversations because I had the opportunity of asking artist questions pertaining to their art and where they got their inspiration form. The online aspect of the class, was enjoyable and very knowledgeable. I got to learn the history of art and how it has changed drastically over the years. However, I personally enjoyed the documentaries a little bit more.

My favorite assignments had to be plaster casting, the art care package, and finger painting. I liked doing plaster casting because it showed me how some things don’t come easily. Plaster casting started off difficult because I wasn’t able to form a proper mold of my hand. However, after many hours the results were unbelievable. I was amazed at how I was able to create a form of 3D art. Another favorite assignment of mine, was the art care package because not only did I get to reminisce about old memories, but I also started a conversation with a cousin of mine through mail. However, my all time favorite assignment had to be finger painting. I lasted more than three hours just painting away. After I’d finish a painting, I’d automatically start a new one. All I wanted was to do more, and that’s exactly what I ended up doing. I’d tell myself one more, one more, well one more turned out to be more like 10.

Just like there were assignments that I loved, there were assignments that I wasn’t too excited for. Those assignments were Vlogging, Fiber Art Social Network, and Zines & Flip Books. I didn’t participate in the vlogging assignment because I wasn’t comfortable enough to video tape myself. For staters I’m a shy person, so I just pull through with the assignment. As for the Fiber Art Social Network assignment, well I just didn’t really like the at home assignment. I think the social network that was done at school was pretty interesting because I was able to see how I knew certain individuals. Lastly, the Zine & Flip Book assignment was pretty difficult for me because I’m not artistic. Therefore, I felt like I was incapable of making a zine or a flip book.

Overall, I loved Art 110. It’s honestly made me a more open minded person when it comes to art and my personality. It was the one class that allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. In addition, I got to visit some extraordinary places thanks to art. I got to visit to visit The Getty Center, which I didn’t even know existed. I wasn’t able to attend Venice Beach when the class attend; however, I did attend about a month ago just to go see the art walls. I’ve got to learn so much about art, and I don’t think it could have been taught any better. Art 110 gave me a reason to enjoy art, a reason to surround myself in art, and a reason to make art myself.  So thank you so much Glenn for making that possible and it was a pleasure being in your class.


Melissa Rios



One Comment Add yours

  1. Glenn Zucman says:

    Thanks Melissa!

    It was great having you be a part of Art110 this semester!! 😀

    Happy Holidays Melissa, and Best Wishes for a wonderful 2017!

    — Glenn


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